Central Air Conditioning Service, Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Central Air Conditioning (CAC) cools your home or business evenly and more efficiently than window-mounted units while improving indoor air quality. Let A-All design, install, repair and maintain your Central Air Conditioning Systems.

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  • Central Air Conditioning and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems
Central Air Conditioning Repair

Central Air Conditioning Repair

A-All offers expert air conditioning repairs in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens Counties

On those hot and humid Long Island summer days, you really notice when your CAC system is not working properly (or not working at all). There can be a number of reasons why the system is malfunctioning, and the experienced CAC technicians at A-All are experts at diagnosing and correcting the problem. For your piece of mind, all our trucks are stocked with the supplies and materials needed to repair most issues in one visit. In most situations where we don't stock the part, we can expedite delivery so we can complete the repair later that day or the following day.

CAC Design and Installation

CAC Design and Installation

A-All offers expert air conditioning system design and installation in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens Counties

A-All offers expert design and installation of both Central Air Conditioning Systems and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems. We understand the pros and cons to each system type and can tailor the design to meet your space, budget, and other needs. The two most popular systems are:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems keep entire zones of your house of building comfortably cool. It's an energy-efficient solution that keeps the covered areas at a constant, comfortable temperature. CAC involves the installation of ductwork to circulate the air, so the space needs to be available for this type of system.

Central Air Conditioning
Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning allows for temperature control in specific rooms or areas, only cooling the spaces where you need it. These types of systems are relatively quiet and don’t require ductwork, making them the perfect solution when there's no room for ductwork. Ductless units are also energy efficient and provide flexible cooling options.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Preventive maintenance of air conditioning systems

Preventive Maintenance

A-All offers expert preventive maintenance of air conditioning systems in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens Counties

To ensure your air conditioning runs properly through the hot summer months, an annual maintenance check is recommended. Preventative maintenance allows our team to inspect your system before you little problem don't become big issues and make to ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency, thus saving you money on energy bills. Our inspection includes changing filters and making any adjustments or repairs as needed.